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Meth Residue Testing is an independent meth residue testing company servicing all metro and regional locations across Australia. Our risk management and meth residue testing services assist Australian homeowners, real estate agents, renters and investors understand the risks associated with living in a meth residue contaminated property.

Eliminate fear and protect your home or investment from meth residue contamination.

    meth residue testing

    Meth Residue Testing

    Without your knowledge, a property or a house could have been a meth lab in the past or its previous residents may have been users, contaminating the property. This would harm the safety and well being of the current residents or owners. ​Professional Meth Residue Testing Services delivers cost effective meth testing services with high accuracy lab testing and fast turnaround of the results.

    diy meth residue testing kits

    DIY Test Kits

    When a home is purchased it is common to get a building and pest inspection, yet a meth inspection is not commonplace. The same applies for rental properties. No one wants to move into a health hazard.  A DIY Meth Test Kit is the perfect solution for to provide on the spot initial assessments of meth residue contamination before deciding if further testing or remediation is required.

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    Service Areas

    As meth use and production rises across Australia, so too does the need for meth residue testing. While meth residue is both odourless and invisible, exposure to the residue can lead to numerous and severe health consequences. If you are planning on buying or renting a property or suspect a property is contaminated, meth residue testing is crucial to ensure the integrity of the property.

    meth residue decontamination meth residue testing

    Meth Residue Clean Ups

    Each Meth Residue Decontamination job has its own unique set of difficulties. Normal cleaning with household cleaners will not remove meth residue and the chemicals from your property. Meth residue decontamination can involve a number of stringent and important steps followed by trained meth residue decontamination technicians to ensure the property is left in a non-hazardous, habitable state.