DIY Meth Residue Testing Kits

DIY Meth Residue Testing Kits provide homeowners, real estate agents and building inspectors at home a DIY meth testing solution. A DIY Meth Residue Test Kit will return a positive or negative meth detection result within minutes. Each Meth Residue Testing Kit comes with instructions and is extremely easy to use. Our DIY Meth Residue Testing Kits should be used as a pre-purchase tool when buying a new home or investment property, between tenancies to ensure there is no methamphetamine contamination that might harm your next tenant or their family.

Advantages of DIY Meth Residue Test Kits

  • Easy to Use – Each DIY Meth Residue Test Kit is simple to use and easy to administer with step-by-step instructions

  • Instant Results – When you use a DIY Meth Residue Test Kit you will get an instant positive or negative result within 5 minutes

  • Discreet Testing Method – When you use a DIY Meth Residue Test Kit, no formal inspection or documentation is required so discretion is maintained when needed

A DIY Meth Residue Test Kit is the perfect solution for to provide on the spot initial assessments of meth residue contamination before deciding if further testing is required. If a positive result is indicated via the meth test cartridge, laboratory testing must now be undertaken to determine. Laboratory meth testing is essential to identify levels of contamination (from 0.01 – 999,0000 parts per million) and rooms that are affected.

DIY Meth Residue Testing Kits

A DIY Meth Residue Testing Kit can be used to test multiple rooms in a house after or during a rental tenancy to ensure your property or investment is not contaminated by meth residue.

3 x DIY Meth Residue Testing Kits

  • Test Up to 2 Areas

5 x DIY Meth Residue Testing Kits

  • Test Up to 4 Areas

10 x DIY Meth Residue Testing Kits

  • Test Up to 9 Areas

A DIY Meth Residue Testing Kit is designed to test surfaces for meth residue. They are presumptive test kits only and will not provide you with contamination levels, only a negative or positive indication if over 0.5ug per 100cm2. This level was set in the Australian Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Guidelines. Utilising a DIY Meth Residue Testing Kit before purchasing or leasing a property can potentially save you $1,000s in remediation costs.

meth residue decontamination meth residue testing

Meth Residue Clean Ups

Each Meth Residue Decontamination job has its own unique set of difficulties. Normal cleaning with household cleaners will not remove meth residue and the chemicals from your property. Meth residue decontamination can involve a number of stringent and important steps followed by trained meth residue decontamination technicians to ensure the property is left in a non-hazardous, habitable state.

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Testing Service Areas

As meth use and production rises across Australia, so too does the need for meth residue testing. While meth residue is both odourless and invisible, exposure to the residue can lead to numerous and severe health consequences. If you are planning on buying or renting a property or suspect a property is contaminated, meth residue testing is crucial to ensure the integrity of the property.

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Residue Testing Services

Without your knowledge, a property or a house could have been a meth lab in the past or its previous residents may have been users, contaminating the property. This would harm the safety and well being of the current residents or owners. ​Professional Meth Residue Testing Services delivers cost effective meth testing services with high accuracy lab testing and fast turnaround of the results.

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Meth Testing News

For most people, building, pest, and pool fence inspections are commonplace. However, with the growing ice epidemic, meth testing is now gaining traction. Just like any pre-purchase inspection, it is recommended homebuyers and investors have meth testing completed before signing on the dotted line. Learn more about our services, contamination warning signs and worrying statistics.