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Meth residue cleaning services are essential in maintaining the current standard of safe living in Australian properties. Meth residue consists of a toxic combination of hundreds of chemical substances including lithium, iodine, sulphuric acid, ether and pseudoephedrine among others. Poor handling of meth residue clean ups can have devastating repercussions on the contaminated property. Meth residue can easily contaminate gyprock, carpet, furniture, floor coverings and personal belongings. Additionally, incorrect disposal or dumping of chemicals or meth residue contaminated items can lead to groundwater or soil contamination. Consequently, meth lab/residue clean ups should only be conducted by professional who are trained and experienced in cleaning and decontaminated properties affected by meth residue.

Meth Residue Clean Up Process

Meth Residue Clean ups can involve a series of stringent and pivotal steps to ensure the contaminated property is remediated to a safe and habitable standard. The entirety of the Meth Residue Clean Up process includes disposing of, or if possible, remediation of, contaminated household items and structural elements of the contaminated property.

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1.  Onsite Survey and Inspection

Once any materials and equipment used in the manufacturing of meth or the drug lab equipment as been removed, an onsite survey and inspection is completed to gain a preliminary assessment of the property and affected area where the goal is to provide information pertaining to, and to assist with, the development of the clean up plan. Any information gathered in the first step of the remediation process is documented in a written summary.

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2.  Discrete Meth Residue Testing

The need for Discrete Forensic Meth Residue Testing in the meth residue clean up process is solely dependent on the circumstances of each property. Discrete forensic meth testing can significantly reduce costs associated in the remediation process by singling out contaminated areas only and the automatic discarding of any furnishings or materials too contaminated to be cleaned.

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3.  Meth Residue Decontamination

Meth Reside Clean Up technicians follow a stringent and methodical process to ensure the property is remediated to a hazard and chemical free zone. The remediation needed for each property is determined on a case-by-case basis, but may include disposal of furniture, personal belongings and floor coverings, and stripping wall sheeting or beams which are not able to be remediated.

Meth Residue Clean Ups

4. Post Forensic Testing & Validation

The post-forensic test and validation for re-habitation is a crucial step of the meth residue clean up process. The property will be re-tested and samples sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. A final report is issued, if the property is deemed safe for re-occupancy where meth levels are less than 0.5µg/100cm2.

The Importance of Prompt Meth Residue Clean Ups

When a person enters a property contaminated with meth residue before it has been properly cleaned and decontaminated, the residue becomes a real and serious health risk. The dangers that remain after meth residue contamination occurs do not dissipate over time. Immediate exposure to a meth lab is serious.

Fiscally, owning a property contaminated by meth residue can result in substantial financial distress. Decontamination of a property may require removing carpet, wall and ceiling lining, electrical fitting, air-conditioning units and insulation. While insurance is available, the excess is generally sizeable and generally will have a set cover limit.

The danger of purchasing, renting or living in a property with methamphetamine contamination present can destroy your physical and emotional health, and wreak havoc on your financial position and well-being. Eliminate fear and protect your property or investment from methamphetamine contamination. Prompt and comprehensive meth residue clean up is pivotal to ensure the safety of any occupant of the meth residue contaminated property.

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Meth Residue Testing Services

Each Meth Residue Decontamination job has its own unique set of difficulties. Normal cleaning with household cleaners will not remove meth residue and the chemicals from your property. Meth residue decontamination can involve a number of stringent and important steps followed by trained meth residue decontamination technicians to ensure the property is left in a non-hazardous, habitable state.

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Service Areas

As meth use and production rises across Australia, so too does the need for meth residue testing. While meth residue is both odourless and invisible, exposure to the residue can lead to numerous and severe health consequences. If you are planning on buying or renting a property or suspect a property is contaminated, meth residue testing is crucial to ensure the integrity of the property.

diy meth residue testing kits

DIY Test Kits

When a home is purchased it is common to get a building and pest inspection, yet a meth inspection is not commonplace. The same applies for rental properties. No one wants to move into a health hazard.  A DIY Meth Test Kit is the perfect solution for to provide on the spot initial assessments of meth residue contamination before deciding if further testing or remediation is required.

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News & Articles

For most people, building, pest, and pool fence inspections are commonplace. However, with the growing ice epidemic, meth testing is now gaining traction. Just like any pre-purchase inspection, it is recommended homebuyers and investors have meth testing completed before signing on the dotted line. Learn more about our services, contamination warning signs and worrying statistics.